Photo Gallery III:  Lake Okoboji Guest Cottage- Architectural Remodeling & Design
This little cottage began as a rundown, uninteresting shack of a building. We had a tall request to convert it to a three bedroom two bath guest retreat for the owners of this Lake Okoboji estate. It was only 800 square feet. We wrapped the tiny existing building with an addition on the lake end of the building to appear as if it was all one wraparound porch. But, in fact the sides of the addition expanded the living and dining spaces on the interior. The interior of the building was completely demolished and the exterior rebuild after adding structural strength. We covered every surface of the cottage with wood because it was not going to be heated in the winter—and it added so much character. Lighting fixtures add charm and cost effective character so we didn’t scrimp on the electrical plan.
Architectural remodeling and addition design of lakeshore cottage
Guest Cottage
A three bedroom lakeshore guest cottage architecturally designed to look old

Cottage architecture
Living Room to Porch
A half round window added to the original structure brings in light. P.S. The sailboat was drawn right on the plans

Custom cabinet and gabled architecture design
Custom designed kitchen cabinets topped with wood counter top

Architectural gable design feature
Window Gable Over Kitchen Sink
An architectural surprise element over the sink light adds light and charm to the room

Unique custom build-in cabinets
Kitchen Built-In Hutch
A shallow hutch is recessed into the kitchen wall for much needed storage

Innovative architectural design
Kitchen Views Lake Through Dining Room Windows
Shiny painted wood beams carrying heating and air conditioning allowed us to vault the living room

Custom millwork design
Fireplace Mantle and Cabinets
Custom vintage looking brackets and fireplace mantle
Custom nautical bath design
Tiny Guest Bath
A space saving bath vanity design

Cottage remodeling design
French Doors Lead to the Porch
Sconces and horizontal wall planks in the living room contrast with the bead-board paneling of the porch